About Us

What we’re striving to achieve and the unique attributes that form the DNA of our company and community.


To be a global ecosystem of growth, humanity, and virtue.


To help companies and their teams become infinitely better, smarter, and healthier.

Core Values

What is important to our team and community, how we behave on a daily basis, and what guides our decisions.

We create memorable and remarkable experiences through ingenuity, high standards, over-communication, and details.

We strive for such high quality work that our members can’t help but talk about it. That quality is driven by being hospitable, caring, loving, and attentive, which leads to emotional connections, lasting memories, and lifelong relationships. To us, “good enough” never is.

We push our members and ourselves to get a little better every single day.

We strive to grow personally and professionally, tapping into our infinite curiosity and potential. We challenge each other to improve incrementally and by leaps through experimentation, iteration, calculated risks, leaving our comfort zones, and mastering our craft.

We practice what we teach and preach.

We learn alongside our members, implementing principles, practices and shared experiences that lead to virtuous leaders and companies. As a result, we serve as a role model for a smart, healthy, profitable, durable, and emotionally intelligent organization.

We balance autonomy and ownership with responsibility and discipline.

We make decisions that are in the best interests of our team and business yet personally beneficial. We are accountable to ourselves, to each other, and to our company. We bring personality to process, creating art and science in our work.

We nourish our physical, mental, and emotional well-being and support that in others.

We invest in our mind, body, and spirit in order to create our best work. We have common goals and objectives yet respect that each of us has different needs and preferences that enable our best selves to emerge. After all, we are human beings not human doings.

We create safe and trusting environments for people to be themselves.

We allow people to express their true selves through sincerity, frankness, and earnestness. We do this without judgment and with a high level of emotional intelligence, respecting individuality within a community.

We treat each person with high touch and love, as if they are the only one.

By showing humanity and sharing appreciations, we demonstrate that business is indeed personal. We give hugs over handshakes and use names over titles.

In 1727, a young Benjamin Franklin formed a group of artisans and tradesmen in colonial Philadelphia for the purpose of mutual improvement and philosophical debate. He called it “the Junto” which means “group” in Latin. And as many people know today, the Spanish word “junto” means “together.” Both meanings inspired us to name our flourishing community…a place where people learn together, resulting in exponential growth for themselves and their organizations.

Brand Promise

We help make you better… at what you do, how you do it, and who you are. When you and your team decides to learn with us, we help you build greater self-awareness and put that learning into action. Over time, the more action you take, the more you grow personally and professionally. Over time, that growth leads to personal flourishing which leads to business health and durability.

The Tribe

Our Tribe consists of everyone who is a part of the Junto community: the companies, their leaders and team members, mentors, and everyone who lives out our vision, mission, and values on a daily basis.

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

Join other like-minded companies whose people who are growing with the business.

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