On a regular basis, Junto companies are asked to share specific actions they take as a result of the curriculum, and the resulting outcomes. Here is a selection:

Leadership, Culture & Management

  1. Providing employees with tools rather than tasks
  2. Created an internal culture committee and received a significant response in employee engagement and boosted morale
  3. Started picking up travel expenses for employees, $100/month on CTA or Metra 
  4. Staying more empathic with the employees and understanding of their needs 
  5. Engaged all employees in achieving industry certification
  6. Learned how to better manage expectations of a new Head of Sales
  7. Implemented weekly team meetings for improved focus and prioritization
  8. Started looking at the big picture of how [CEO’s] decisions impact the business    
  9. Have found decision-making to be more straightforward with better outcomes
  10. Feeling more trust and accountability with team
  11. Explaining to employees WHY they need to do what they need to do, rather than just telling them what to do
  12. Creating more room for Board Members to discuss new items after Board Meetings

Emotional Intelligence & Personal

  1. Took first vacation away from company, and enjoyed it
  2. Created a personal vision statement to live by
  3. Listening better and apologizing more sincerely
  4. Altered the process of changing my own habits
  5. Started shutting my computer down at an earlier hour and waking up earlier, which has positively changed my outlook in the morning
  6. Began getting to the office earlier
  7. CEO Mentor pushing me to stop saying yes to everyone. Working on taking that into work life  
  8. Took a family vacation to Florida. Entire family hasn’t been on vacation together in 7 years
  9. Working on being more forward with personal beliefs
  10. Reconnected with a family member after a period of avoidance
  11. Working on being more patient
  12. Achieving better relationships with friends, family, and colleagues
  13. Involved in an organization to “give back” by offering entrepreneurial coaching
  14. Built stronger relationship with distribution partners and customers
  15. Started documenting ideas/thoughts in journal to reflect on my own personal thoughts/beliefs -> increased my productivity
  16. Have a more positive outlook personally and professionally
  17. Focusing more on working in “Flow”
  18. Practicing the Gestalt method
  19. Apologizing with more sincerity, and not adding a justification


  1. Achieved highest sales month yet, and company is functioning like a well-oiled machine 
  2. Hit milestone of $100K in revenue for the month
  3. Quadrupled sales in company’s most profitable stores by proving novel marketing concept 
  4. Company has doubled revenue this year
  5. Company going national with new partnerships with Kohls, Officemax, and more
  6. Working on re-crafting the company sales presentation
  7. Practicing active listening methods in meetings with buyers, resulting in more transparent information
  8. The sales team has been spending more time on the phone driving revenue
  9. Discussed specific wording of sales conversations

Hiring & Firing

  1. Hired a Chief Technology Creator
  2. Added a full time engineer to the team
  3. Fired a manager that needed to go; made a very clean break 
  4. Fired a developer that didn’t fit with our company’s values
  5. Discussed general attitudes about sales recruiting 
  6. Handled the firing of a seasoned senior employee very well
  7. Learned which specific skills to watch for with new hires


  1. Purchased company’s own warehouse and expanded operations
  2. Established new software platform partnership that transforms the company’s ability to scale
  3. Integrating a new inventory system
  4. Streamlining company’s research testing and setting up good foundation for testing apparatus and system
  5. Selected & began working with new service provider
  6. Simplified product development

Compensation & Benefits

  1. Restructured compensation structure with sales team
  2. Established compensation benefits and payroll system
  3. Restructured bonus program
  4. Transitioned some staff to salaried positions
  5. Discussed appropriate compensation for new SVP position, making sure that interests aligned with company goals

Marketing & Branding

  1. Transitioned to starting with WHY in all marketing content
  2. Revamping brand and website
  3. Utilizing surveys and in-store sampling to better understand customers
  4. Initiated budgeting for, and in process of re-developing brand
  5. Created clearer product labeling

Finances & Investors

  1. Working better with tighter cash flow
  2. Closed on a seed round of $1 million
  3. Was able to turn down an investor group while maintaining the relationship

Strategy & Planning

  1. Documented company vision and values
  2. Used a number of company stories to understand what potential acquirers might look for in a company
  3. Started getting the company to identify and focus on our values