The ideal Junto company meets the following criteria:

  1. 5-50 employees and $500,000 - $10 million in annual revenue.
  2. First-time founders with a heightened level of self-awareness and humility.
  3. Leaders who can invest 10-20 hours per month over the nine-month program.

The JuntoApprenticeship Program is tuition based. A 10% deposit is due at enrollment, with the balance payable in nine equal monthly installments  during the program period.

Our application process is as follows: 

  1. APPLICATION: Please fill out the form below in entirety.
  2. PRE-QUALIFICATION: Companies that meet initial criteria based on the items below will be contacted to schedule an in-person meeting.
  3. EVALUATION: A process that includes meeting the leadership team, presenting the program curriculum, and determining fit. Applicants are also encouraged to speak with Alumni and current Apprentices.
  4. INVITATION: Select companies are invited to enroll.
  5. ENROLLMENT: Companies that accept sign the Apprenticeship agreement and pay the tuition deposit.


If applying for your own company, please fill out the entire form. If you are recommending a company, please fill out numbers 1-9 to the best of your knowledge.

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Your Name
Contact at Recommended Company (if necessary)
Contact at Recommended Company (if necessary)
3. How many people does the company employ full-time including co-founders?
4. How long has the company been generating revenue?