For companies with 10-100 employees, Junto is the only place where their leaders and business grow together. This happens through the Junto Apprenticeship, a proven and rigorous experience built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and leaders learning together. Available for individual executives and leadership teams, with two options:

  1. Apprenticeship Plus Program: Leadership Forum, Mentorship, Classes, and Roundtables

  2. Apprenticeship Program: Mentorship, Classes, and Roundtables

Junto Forum


A powerful peer roundtable for a company’s executive team. Through facilitated sessions that are structured yet flexible, the executive team improves its communication and alignment, builds greater trust, and learns emotionally intelligent leadership skills…together.

The Forum meets for two intensive sessions at the program start, followed by monthly sessions. Each session is facilitated by a Junto team member.

Available only in the Apprenticeship Plus Program.

Junto Classes


A series of half-day sessions, led by JuntoMentors - seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives - who use shared experiences and case studies to help you learn. Each Apprentice Company gets 4 seats with live streaming for others in the company. Topics include:

Management: Hiring & Firing; Building a Sales Team; Cash Flow Management; Operations & Metrics; Brand Engineering; Strategic & Operational Planning; Budgeting & Forecasting

Leadership: Building Blocks of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership; Company Culture; Leadership Communications; Leadership & Self-Awareness; Leadership & Empathy

Junto Mentoring


Each Apprentice Company gets 7 dedicated Mentors - seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives - who are curated based on the executives’ needs, from a market, industry, or functional standpoint.

Six Mentors form a Mentor Team, similar to an advisory board, which meets monthly for two hours with the Apprentice Company’s executives. The seventh is a CEO Mentor, who meets with the Apprentice Company’s CEO monthly for two hours.

Junto Tutoring Roundtables


High-impact conversations with subject matter experts as well as peer companies. A range of tactical subjects - such as sales, HR, and finance - are covered on a monthly basis. In addition, Mentors lead roundtables based on topics that they’re experienced with.

Sessions are 1.5 hours long, and are open to executives and other team members from Apprentice Companies, providing important training and development opportunities.