Solid Interactive: A Story of Open-Book Management and Open Leadership

Founded in 2007, Solid Interactive is a full-service software development firm specializing in web, mobile and television apps. Co-founders Jesse McCabe and Travis McHattie met while working for another company and saw firsthand how a small organization can be mismanaged. With similar business philosophies and a natural curiosity, the two founded Solid and sought to change the way the world thinks about technology.

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How to Measure Emotional Intelligence When Hiring People

As we all know, the hiring process starts with the job description and typically ends with onboarding and training. In between, there are countless ways to evaluate whether an applicant possesses that elusive set of traits that is hard to identify if someone has, but easy to when they don’t: empathy, self-awareness, self-control, and relationship management.

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How to Get Better at Building a Sales Team

On Friday, we held our class on “Building a Sales Team” for the JuntoIII cohort. For the third straight year, the class was taught by Rich Lyons of LyonsCG, a full-service e-commerce development firm with over 300 employees worldwide.

At the end of each JuntoClass, we ask our Apprentices to write down their key takeaways from the class as well as the actions they plan to take as a result of what they learned.

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