Announcing JuntoTREASURE

junto institute alumni

We love our JuntoALUMNI.

In their desire to see other companies benefit as much as they have from The Junto Institute, they've banded together to provide a pretty sweet incentive package.

Consider it JuntoTREASURE.

Our next cohort, Junto III, begins in February. And several alumni are offering the following "treasure chest" to any Chicago-area company that enrolls between today and Monday, February 9: 

  • 3 Spikeball sets from outdoor game that's a cross between volleyball and four square ($160 value)
  • 6 live lobsters shipped to your door, from GetMaineLobster ($212 value)
  • An office tea package from Tiesta Tea: water boiler, brewmaster, tea filters, 5 tins of tea & Tiesta Tea mug ($200 value)
  • 12 custom t-shirts from ThreadMeUp ($200 value)
  • Annual subscriptions for all employees to Paperwoven, the mobile app for greeting cards (up to $100s in value)

What types of companies benefit the most from Junto? Those with founders who:

  1. have 5-50 employees and are growing rapidly
  2. acknowledge that "what got us here won't get us there"
  3. want to accelerate their learning curve, get plugged into a powerful network, and learn how to scale their companies

If you're interested, click here or contact us at apply [at] junto [dot] co - please note that it's dot-CO and not dot-COM.

And don't forget to spread the word...perhaps you can share in the treasure chest with a friend.