Announcing JuntoGlobal


We're excited to announce JuntoGlobal, a summer intensive program for growth companies located outside the U.S. to come to Chicago to:

  • learn how to do business in the U.S.
  • build a powerful network stateside; and
  • learn from American entrepreneurs & executives

Simply put, it's the standard nine-month Junto curriculum compressed into three months, with an added module on "doing business in the U.S.". Full details are on the new JuntoGlobal website and applications are now open, with the program starting in late June.

The program is ideal for companies that:

  1. are headquartered outside the U.S.
  2. have 5-50 employees and are growing steadily or rapidly
  3. want to enter the U.S. market or expand their operations there; and
  4. want to become better leaders and entrepreneurs

We're introducing JuntoGlobal for two main reasons. First, we've received a number of inquiries from startups and organizations around the world (Turkey, Czech Republic, and India, among others) who asked if we could bring the Junto program to their homeland. In fact, we've had three companies apply to our standard program, from China, Poland, and Brazil. The CEO of the Brazilian company is also a university professor, and he was so eager to enroll in Junto that he applied for a sabbatical from his professorship; unfortunately, his university turned down the request.

Secondly, we assembled a Global Advisory Committee, consisting of entrepreneurs and professionals who have deep experience doing business overseas and/or are from various parts of the world and have done business in the U.S. After the first two meetings, they gave a ringing endorsement to the idea of a global program. Based on their experience, they explained that companies around the world know there are two critical obstacles to successfully entering the U.S. market: a strong network and understanding how to do business there.

This is our first expansion effort and we're excited for what's ahead of us. As a startup ourself, we acknowledge that it's an experiment of sorts: Is the value proposition compelling enough? Will leaders of fast-growing startups be able to leave their country for three months, even if they have a few weeks off? How effectively can we manage a cohort of companies from different parts of the world, with respect to different languages, time zones, and cultural norms?

There's only one way to find out - run the program with the same vigor, passion, and care that we have for the standard Junto curriculum, which already has a short history of compelling outcomes.

So if you know of companies that might be a fit for JuntoGlobal, please make them aware of the program or recommend them to us. Applications are now open, with an early deadline in mid-April. We look forward to sharing our progress and the outcomes of JuntoGlobal over the next several months.