Going Global: The Increasing Opportunities Facing Today's Startups

JuntoGlobal is the only place in the world to learn to do business in the U.S., build a powerful global network, and learn from American entrepreneurs & executives...all in three months.

From the launch of our website to the closing of our applications for this summer, we have continued to "trust the process" in the hopes of creating a remarkable experience for international entrepreneurs.

International entrepreneurship is by no way a new concept, but with the economy in many countries struggling over the last 10 years and the proliferation of technology, numerous entrepreneurs began seeking opportunity in international markets. Whether it started as a way to find unique business opportunities, more customers or to gain an advantage on their competition, their reasons continue to change.

There are a lot of different ways an individual can become an international entrepreneur. In the most basic sense, we believe it means that one is using the global market to create or further cultivate his or her business.

With today’s Internet-based world, entrepreneurs have unmatched access to the markets all over the globe. No one is limited and everyone has the resources of the world at their fingertips.