A Business Decision Is Made In The Best Interest Of The Business

Toward the end of the process of selling my first business to a Fortune 500 company, a senior corporate executive surprised me with a blunt, candid look into his world.  Although by most traditional measures he was very successful (and he enjoyed the trappings of the job - he had flown in to see me on the company’s private jet), he was disappointed about one aspect of his business life.  He stated “I admire people like you.  Eighty percent of the everyday decisions you’ve made were for the benefit and growth of your business.  Eighty percent of the decisions I’ve made have been for the benefit of my career."

I’m fortunate to be working with the Junto Tribe, where decisions made by our Apprentices, Alumni, Instructors and Mentors are made for the benefit of the business.

There are no secret agendas, there is no posturing, there is no bravado.  To be sure, there is regular disagreement within the Tribe.  However, this always leads to healthy debate that never wavers from the laser-focus on the business.

This attitude is contagious (and should be consciously spread faster than last year’s flu strain).  A valuable by-product is that your colleagues (and potential colleagues) will want to hop on your bandwagon - the one racing toward the common goal of business success.