Apply for JuntoIV

The standard deadline to apply, or recommend companies, for the next cohort of The Junto Institute is Friday, December 4.

At Junto, we believe that learning from seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs who have “been there, done that” is the most effective way for startup founders and leaders to grow their companies and themselves. Apprentices are able to share ideas and strategies with other Apprentices, Mentors, and Instructors while building a support group around them that is difficult to find in today’s business world.

A key component of our nine-month program is the integration of emotional intelligence. Apprentices develop high levels of self-awareness, leadership, and confidence - things that are often ignored in traditional schools. We strive to push leaders beyond their comfort zone  

If you are driven to learn and driven to continue scaling your business, we encourage you to apply for our fourth cohort and join our growing Tribe.