Announcing JuntoV, Our Latest Apprenticeship Program Cohort

We are thrilled to announce JuntoV, the fifth cohort of companies to enroll in The Junto Institute.

This week is the program’s launch, which includes an orientation for the new companies, a town hall conversation with JuntoAlumni, and the Opening Night reception for our Tribe of Mentors, Partners and Alumni.

During the next nine months, the JuntoApprentices - founders and leaders of the JuntoV companies - will participate in a rigorous program through which they will learn from the wisdom of people who have "been there, done that". Their outcomes will be improved leadership skills, higher emotional intelligence, and better decision-making abilities.

The JuntoApprenticeship program integrates four components:

  1. Leadership Forums:  A peer-to-peer experience that focuses on improving leadership skills and emotional intelligence behaviors.

  2. Team Classes: Twelve classes on leadership and management topics that combine practical learning as a team, with immediate implementation and accountability.

  3. Professional Tutoring: One-on-one sessions with seasoned experts in human resources, legal issues, and financial management.

  4. Structured Mentorship: Learning from the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives, in the areas of company operations, team management, and leadership.

We're delighted to introduce the JuntoV companies:

Acliviti is a telecom and IT services company, serving Fortune 500 clients.


DESIGNATION is a UX / UI bootcamp and alternative education program for professional designers. 


EdgeOne Medical provides device development services and runs a certified device testing lab.


Lever Interactive is a digital marketing agency focused on maximizing online strategies.


P3 Global designs, develops, and distributes consumer products through ecommerce and retail partners.

We're grateful to the dozens of seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs, and operators who will serve as the new cohort's Team Mentors, CEO Mentors, and Class Mentors, as well as Partners who host the program and conduct the Tutoring sessions. The collective wisdom, generosity, and humanity of this Tribe are what help make the Junto program compelling and impactful.