How We Incorporate Love Into Our Weekly Huddles

The JuntoTeam’s weekly huddles aren’t just quick meetings to update each other on our work, they are a safe space for us to be who we are and share anything that is on our minds. We express love for the business, love for the self, and love for each other. 

Our team huddles take place every Monday morning at 9:30am. The agenda and flow is as follows:


As a group, we begin each huddle by reciting our Vision, Mission, and Values. Each of us says one of these statements out loud and we continue in a circle until all have been said (10 total, seven of which are Values). This part demonstrates our love for the business and reaffirms alignment in each of us as to why we do what we do and what we’re trying to achieve.

We then review our weekly calendar for the business, which entails program sessions, meetings with companies (potential, current, and alumni), and special events we’re hosting. This part also demonstrates our love for the business by aligning us to the highest priority moments for the business during that week.

After this group section, we move into the rest of the huddle which is individually focused. 


We begin the individual presentations by using the Emotion Wheel to identify how we are feeling. There is no limit to how many or how few emotions one can express. The declaration of emotions is often followed by some sort of explanation as to why we’re feeling that way. However, no explanation is required and sometimes we just don’t have an explanation for the way we feel, which is perfectly fine. 

There have been many huddles where some personal information has come out during this time. Because we create a safe space for all, we support how each other is feeling in any way we can and do not judge what is being said. 

Part of this is self-love in allowing ourselves to express how we are feeling and, at times, to be able to bring out happiness or frustration in a healthy and inviting way. The other part of this is love for each other. No one is on their phone or computer when another person is sharing. Often times we nod in agreement or give nonverbal cues of support to one another. Most importantly, we all listen attentively to what each other is saying.


We begin the next part during which we highlight the best parts of the prior week and/or weekend. These usually come with some small appreciations as well, especially if it has something to do with a program session. 

After discussing the highs, we move into the lows. Some of the lows may have been mentioned in the beginning when our emotions were revealed. This is where we get a chance to be uncomfortable and go deep with our emotions if we so choose. This is why creating a safe and trusting environment is so helpful. It is a rare occasion where one of us does not have a low from the previous week. It has happened, but is not typical. 

After we discuss the highs and lows, we turn to appreciations. These can be as broad or as specific as each person wants. There are no rules around appreciations, so long as they are genuine. Typically we share appreciations for each other from the previous week or an improvement we have seen in each other. These appreciations can be for absolutely anything. There is no limit on them for content or amount. 

This displays love for each other because we are often pointing out or highlighting areas where one of us has excelled or had a noticeable positive effect on someone or something. These can be very heart-warming and inspiring because they are all rooted in our own truth.


We then shift our focus to highlighting each of our priorities for the upcoming week. Often times if there is a recurring priority, we give updates on how it is progressing. This piece demonstrates a lot of transparency, and we all know what each other is doing for the week. This is a part where we can collaborate and prioritize together as a team and hold each other accountable. 

We demonstrate love and support for each other and the business by ensuring no one has too much on their plate, and lending a hand where we can to support the business along with each other.


The first Monday of every month we each set our own monthly well-being goal, which can be anything we choose that promotes our mental, physical, or emotional wellness (nourishing our well-being is one of our Core Values). To conclude our individual presentation during the weekly huddle, we check-in on our goals with each other. If we’re on track or beating our goals, we give each other praise, and if we are not meeting our goals, we provide support and encouragement to keep pushing to reach it before the end of the month. 

This demonstrates self-love because we are setting aside time and energy towards improving ourselves each month, and love for each other through the support and encouragement. We are constantly bringing wellness to the forefront of our minds to remind each other and ourselves of the importance of balance.


Our weekly huddles are a great motivator to take on the week. They aren’t just to update each other on our priorities, they are a safe space for us to be who we are and share anything that is on our minds. We express love for the business, love for the self, and love for each other. As humans, our attitudes and dynamics with each other change from day-to-day. When we are transparent, and trust and love each other, we are able to get through the highs and the lows together. As a team member, it is very empowering to feel the strength of your team behind you.