How to Create Operational Process for a Team Hiring New Employees

Part Three in a series on how to start designing operational processes, inspired by The Junto Institute's recent visit to Nick's Pizza & Pub and Nick's University. Part One covers the steps for an operational team that is static and stable, and Part Two for a team in transition, one that is onboarding and training new employees.

* * *

Part Three: BUILDING PROCESS with a Team That Is Hiring

If the company is getting ready to hire or in the middle of recruiting, start creating and establishing operational process at the beginning, with the application process and application itself.

At Nick’s Pizza:

  • Applicants must walk into one of their restaurants to request an application. Then they are asked to read the first page, which is the company’s purpose statement and values.

  • And if they feel like this is a place they’d like to work, they are asked to fill out the application right there in the restaurant.

  • Nick shared that after reading the first page of the application some folks have handed it back because they were just looking for a job, and didn’t care about “all this culture stuff.”


  • By asking the applicant to come into the restaurant to get an application, that requires more effort than simply filling out a form online, therefore filtering out applicants who wouldn’t take the time to do so.

  • The first thing an applicant does is enter the company’s environment, and the second is they read the purpose statement and values.

  • These two checkpoints allow the applicant an opportunity to self-select if this culture and environment is of interest to them or not.

Opportunities for Your Business:

  • How can you build checkpoints early in your hiring process so applicants have to demonstrate a little extra effort and desire for the job?

    • At Junto, we’ve started asking applicants to submit a blog post on emotional intelligence prior to having a first interview with us. Several candidates terminate the interview process because they chose not to do the blog post, allowing us to see who has more desire for pursuing the opportunity.

  • How can you expose applicants to your culture and give them an opportunity to opt-out or self-select in?

    • Weave the People (Junto I) took the Nick’s example and implemented a three question check-point (below) that applicants had to review and agree to before filling out the actual application. 


After seeing a “work of art” like Nick’s Pizza & Pub, it can feel like it will take decades to get a business to that level. But in truth, as Nick shared during the Class, there are several places to begin, and each of them involve engaging, supporting and empowering people. 

Creating a world-class operation shouldn’t and can’t be done alone, and an engaged team is the key to creating a system that supports and reinforces the company’s culture.