My First Impressions from Joining The Junto Institute Team

We're pleased to introduce Hennah Dossaji, a DePaul University student who recently joined the JuntoTeam as our Marketing Coordinator. Like most candidates for our open positions, Hennah was referred by a member of the JuntoTribe.  

- Raman Chadha, Co-founder & Partner

During my first weeks at The Junto Institute I noticed how much of a family Junto is and how highly valued communication and community are. This is a business that pushes you to not only achieve what you need to get done but also to exceed expectations. This philosophy guides one to grow as a person and eventually raise their emotional intelligence.

I have come to appreciate and look forward to walking into the Junto office. I am always greeted with a genuine smile and that alone pushes me to work harder and get better. I’ve learned there is always room for improvement; every time I finish a task I give myself some praise (positive reinforcement is always a good thing) and then move on to the next task. Loving what you do means that work is not actually work. To me it is the time of my day that is filled with opportunity and dedication.  

At Junto we practice what we preach. It is clear that everyone who has gone through - or is currently going through - the program, chose Junto because they are trying to progressively grow and develop as principled business leaders. The values of Junto are ones that you can use not only for daily work but also daily life. To work side by side with such driven people is an honor, and everyday I come to work, I learn more than I ever have in the classroom. You are given the chance to create the best version of yourself and nothing less.

Although it has felt longer, I have only been with Junto for a month. The beliefs I have absorbed have been so valuable to me as a student, worker, and as a person. I cannot wait to see what more is in store for me in the following months.