Junto Night 2013: A Look Back

We are overwhelmed by the feedback, social media posts, and congratulatory notes shared by attendees at the inaugural Junto Night this month. It was indeed a special evening and we're grateful for having shared it with so many friends. Below is a video from the evening, followed by a sampling of what attendees had to say.

Thanks so much for including me in the graduation of Junto I. I very much enjoyed being there. What an impressive event, not only for the quality of the people and companies that participated, but even more so for the obvious impact that Junto has had on each of those businesses and leaders, as reflected in their presentations. You've built an incredible institution with amazing impact. Congratulations. I look forward to finding a way to contribute if there's an opportunity.

I simply want to say thanks.  Last night was tremendous fun and deeply fulfilling.  I know it's everyday stuff for you, but it's still new to me, and I hope you know that I really do treasure the opportunity.

Great event last night!  Kudos to you and Catherine for working your magic.  

I'm glad the founders wanted to give a short speech highlighting their companies. Although unusual in format, it is certainly consistent with their (needy) stage of development, and supports the "new economy" focus on collaboration and cooperation. Plus, it was developmental for each CEO since they all had a bit of the jitters prior to speaking. There's nothing more valuable than practice in giving speeches, so last night was one more notch in their belts.


Thanks for invite for last night and great to see you. Congrats to your graduates and also to you on your vision and a magnificent achievement.

Junto Institute rocks! Inspiring experiences from the first cohort of entrepreneurs. Congratulations!

Thanks for inviting me to the Junto Institute graduation - definitely impressive.


Congrats on last night. Great event. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed with the stories and level of vulnerability shared by your graduates. A testament to your program.


Great event! This is fantastic and what a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of the program.

Congrats on a successful first year! It's great to see your vision come to life, and to see the impact it's made on the students. I look forward to Year 2!

This a great night and it's wonderful to see so many people supporting Junto. Thanks again for a great night and I look forward to helping make connections for Junto companies.

Thank you again for the invite and allowing us to witness a fraction of the Junto experience first-hand. We really enjoyed the event and left impressed.


Last night was, in my humble opinion, confirmation that Junto is on the right track. It was wonderful.

I really enjoyed the experience last night and seeing the results of your work!


I'm glad I was able to make it. Very exciting program, and I enjoyed being part of graduation.

In addition to being an excellent event, last night was an outstanding endorsement of Junto!

We had a wonderful time on Monday night. Already, we've started to benefit from Junto mentors and friends helping us with our “asks.” Many thanks to you and Catherine for putting together a tremendous program and for culminating the year in such a meaningful way.


First, congratulations on last night. I was very impressed by the depth of appreciation and feeling that the graduates felt for you and what you created for them. providing an extraordinary experience is probably the slowest, but ultimately, the smartest way to build. You've made something real out of the same subject matter that turns to bullshit in other people's hands.

Just wanted to say congrats again on the great event and great work with the first class of Junto. I'm happy I was able to be a part of it.


You guys did fantastic work and are a great team - thanks again for all you are and do for your students, our respective employees, clients and Chicago!