Leading, Learning & Leaning In: The JuntoIII Startup Founders Get Off to a Strong Start

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since the start of JuntoIII. Like so many things in life, it feels like their Opening Night event was just yesterday, and at the same time it feels like they have been a part of the JuntoTribe for years. I guess that’s the magic of these first months; we get to know the JuntoApprentices and they get to know each other so fast that the trust level climbs quickly to that of friends/colleagues who have known each other for much longer.

Every year of Junto has had its differences. This year, one defining characteristic of JuntoIII is the degree to which each startup company has “leaned in” to Junto. They all have an obvious intent of taking full advantage of their JuntoApprenticeship. Their engagement and awareness of how to leverage the experience, in combination with their emotional intelligence levels, are off the charts.

Below are a few examples of this high engagement:

  1. Financials Study Group: The JuntoIII CEOs have formed an informal monthly study group to review their financials together, and have askedAdam Robinson, the JuntoInstructor for the Class on Cash Flow Management, to help guide them. This isn’t something we set up, but an idea they came up with and implemented on their own.

  2. More Structured Mentor Meetings: The JuntoIII CEOs have embraced the responsibility of leading the Mentor Team meetings, using our enhanced structure and raising it a notch. Several CEOs have adopted the strict process used in the JuntoForums of presenting the issue, asking for clarifying questions and then opening the floor for shared experiences. Some are even using timers to ensure each question is addressed in the time frame allotted. The new level of seriousness and structure has resulted in more efficient meetings and better leveraged Mentors.

  3. High Accountability & Implementation: The JuntoIII Apprentices have taken accountability to new a level, holding themselves and each other to a standard of rapid implementation of what they’ve learned. One company restructured their onboarding and sales process within a month as a result of points highlighted in a Mentor Team meeting. Half of the companies have fired people, which is an outcome we’ve come to expect from the Class on Hiring, Managing & Firing led by Jay Goltz. One of the Forums has instituted a “competition” amongst the members to see who can practice the assigned emotional intelligence habit the most before the next session. And the list goes on...

This cohort of “A+ students” means that Junto has to be on its “A+ game” as we deliver the program. As they raise the standard for operating their businesses, we are working alongside them to raise the standards for ours.

We’re grateful to JuntoIII for the energy they’re bringing already, to the JuntoAlumni for laying the foundation, and of course to the dedicated Mentors and Instructors for stepping up to the higher standards of JuntoIII. If this is only the second month, I can’t want to see what the rest of the year holds.

With JuntoLove,