Our Latest Testimonial: Chris Ruder of Spikeball

We're deeply grateful to Chris Ruder of Spikeball, a Junto II company, who gave this unsolicited testimonial recently. It was a reply to an email that the members of Lightbank's Warehouse co-working space had received about an event we were hosting there. 

Apologies for the (potential misuse of) reply all...  

Spikeball Inc is enrolled in the Junto Institute and we are loving it. "B School for Founding Teams" is their tagline and it fits perfectly. Our experience with the Junto Institute has been nothing short of incredible.  

Through Junto, we've been able to tap into a powerful network of advisors and mentors, learn invaluable leadership skills, build our operational expertise, and more.  These all have allowed Spikeball to continue to grow at an incredible pace in a smart fashion (in more technical terms: sh*t is blowing up!).  We had zero full time employees a year ago and we now have 5.  We're profitable, revenue is in the 7 digits, and it's more than doubling each year.  Junto is helping us keep it all on the rails.

Note: I have no stake in Junto-- I'm just a huge fan.   


Chris Ruder

CEO, Spikeball Inc

Thank YOU, Chris.