The Leadership Responsibility

When we learn, we have a responsibility to ourselves to do something about it. And when we learn as leaders, we have a responsibility to those we lead.

If leadership can be defined as moving people in the direction we're going, then what good is it for us to keep our learning to ourselves? If we gained something from a book, podcast, seminar, or mentoring session, imagine what could happen if we shared that learning? We'd get questions, reactions, conversation, debate, and growth. 

Just by sharing our learning could make it easier to move people in the direction we're going. We increase alignment, communication, understanding, and clarity.

Think about your most memorable dinner table conversations when growing up. Were they about each family member's daily report? Or were they when your parents shared something new and fresh that you had never heard about? 

Every time we learn something new as leaders, we have an opportunity: we either share it, or we don't. We can send an email, hold an impromptu meeting, bring it up at the weekly huddle, include it in the offsite, talk about it at the water cooler, and use it in performance feedback.

But first, we must acknowledge that we have the responsibility to do it.