The True Power of Testimonials

Like most companies, we work our hardest to delight our customers. In fact, our most important core value is to "create remarkable experiences through ingenuity, high standards, over-communication, and details." We know we've met that standard when our graduates become repeat customers (through our Alumni program) and/or share unsolicited, highly positive feedback on their experience.

As each year closes, they do just that, whether at our annual JuntoNight graduation, in-person during their final sessions, or through messages sent to our team. In recent months, all of that has happened.

Here are several examples:

"When I think about 2018 and what’s made the biggest impact, I can only think about my Junto mentors. There was just so much material, shared experiences and all your expertise that I have yet to experience all its full effects. Aside from all the data and knowledge, in your own special ways, you have changed the core of who I am, how I go about tackling my current business and all other future ventures, how I respond to the world around me, and the invaluable gift of clarity."

"The ways that the program has affected the company happened so many times in so many ways that it's hard to catalog all of them."

"What we took away from Junto that was the most important was the way that our senior leadership team works together now. The way that Junto was able to help us truly know each other, and the emotional intelligence learning that has allowed us to change the way we interact with one other is something we're going to carry for a very long time, and I'm certain at this point that it's going to change [our] trajectory."

"My partner and I may have killed each other if not for the teachings of emotional intelligence."

"Everything about Junto far exceeded expectations. 2018 was an incredible year and regarding personal growth, I'd have to say it was my best. I'm excited to continue my life's journey and continue to improve EQ day in and day out."

Like most people in business, we're tempted to share these comments as testimonials. They contain powerful language for marketing purposes and come from the people who are most credible and important to potential customers.

And while we do include some on our website, in our materials, and through social networks, most of the time we don't share them. Why?

Because, like core values, we believe the greatest use of such feedback is as oxygen for our uplift in energy, validation of our daily work, and inspiration to keep pushing forward. Or put another way, it's because we're eudaimonia-driven.