Personal Growth + Company Growth

We often celebrate the personal growth that founders and executives experience both during the Apprenticeship Program, and after. Building on the foundation of emotional intelligence and deep mentorship, they grow as leaders and as human beings.

However, the main reason they first come to Junto is for their companies. And while we will never truly know how much of an impact their personal growth may have on their companies' growth, the latter is just as much a focus at Junto, therefore, we must celebrate that as well. 

So we're thrilled to share that six Junto companies - the most ever - have placed on the 2019 list of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Congratulations to:

  • ACLIVITI (Alumni) - #695, first time on list

  • Black Spectacles (Apprentice) - #601, first time

  • Buildout (Alumni) - #1124, 3x

  • Red Caffeine (Alumni) - #4915, 2x

  • Tiesta Tea (Alumni) - #1870, 3x

  • TopstepTrader (Alumni) - #2116, 3x

Other Alumni companies that have placed on the list in the past include Forte Group (1x), GetMaineLobster (1x), Music Dealers (1x) Spikeball (2x), and Solid Digital (1x).

As a result, 11 of the 34 Alumni and Apprentice companies have made the Inc. 5000 at some point, a pretty impressive ratio. Most of the others have also enjoyed steady and healthy growth over the years, and we're confident that several of them will be on the list soon. 

And yet the one data point that all 34 of them share is the personal growth of their founders and leaders, and the fuel that is providing to their companies.