Introducing the Junto Podcast: Flourishing Together


Our Alumni and Mentors know that Junto sessions and conversations run across a spectrum.

On one end is “the business”: hard-hitting and practical topics relatable to virtually any business leader, like cash flows, org charts, and sales funnels. On the other end is “the self”: deeply personal and raw topics relatable to virtually any human being, like identity crises, insecurities, and family relationships.

Many Tribe members appreciate that we create the space for this spectrum to exist. We call it, "harmonizing the business with the self.” In our sessions, it's when we create the space to discuss vision/mission/values, leading as women, company culture, or emotional intelligence.

Today, I’m proud and delighted to bring that spectrum to the world through Flourishing Together, the new Junto podcast. 

The trailer and first episode are now available. After the second one - part two of an opening series - every episode will feature our Alumni and Mentors, on a theme inspired by actual conversations that occurred between us or in a session. That theme will sometimes be on the business end, sometimes on the self end, but the conversation will surely run across the spectrum.

In other words, we’ll pull back the curtain and bring Junto to you and the world. We'll showcase this vibrant community that makes Junto such a special place. And we'll demonstrate why and how humanity and leadership must go hand-in-hand.

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Join us in Flourishing Together.

* * *

My deep appreciation to Dante32, the podcast agency we retained to help craft the strategy for Flourishing Together, and to produce the episodes.