Junto: The Re-Startup

Many of our Tribe members know that Junto has been undergoing a gradual re-invention over the past nine months in order to better build a repeatable and scalable business model. It's something I referred to earlier this year as our "re-startup," and has been manifested in the following ways:

  • Apprentice companies have more flexibility by being able to enroll year-round (no more cohorts), and having the option to choose a Leadership Forum as part of their Apprenticeship Program

  • as a result, the Forum is now for an executive team rather than a group of peers, vastly strengthening that team's ability to build alignment and cohesiveness

  • to provide a new venue for women to learn, connect, and be mentored, we launched JuntoWomen

  • to offer Mentors greater engagement opportunities and provide greater value to Alumni companies, we're in process of launching The Mentor Circle

  • for greater flexibility in our business, we adopted an on-demand people model built on the gig economy

  • to elevate the virtual experience, we adopted better video technology and professional videography for Classes

  • because we learned how hard it is to build a local Tribe in another market, we decided to end JuntoLA and instead introduce an online program which will launch this fall

And there's more to come: a solo version of our Apprenticeship Program, a new online community, a refreshed retreat, and a new visual identity for The Junto Institute. All of this will be introduced during the second half of 2019. 

Our vision, mission, and values remain the same. But as you can see, the road we're taking to achieve and live them is quite different. And more than ever, we're grateful for everyone who is on the journey with us.