"I recognized that I have a lot of stories to tell about the land mines that I stepped on, to help other entrepreneurs avoid those mistakes." 


What have you learned about yourself mentoring with Junto?

I recognized that I have a lot of stories to tell about the land mines that I stepped on, to help other entrepreneurs avoid those mistakes. I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life, and I didn’t realize all the scars that I had from all the mistakes that I’ve made.

What are 1-2 leadership virtues you've observed or learned in your career?

Listening skills. No one is as good as they need to be; we have two eyes, two ears and one mouth. Secondly, setting a strong direction for your team and helping them, but letting them figure out how to get there.

Finish the following sentence: "In my experience, ______________."

You have to trust the people that you hire to do their job. Step back and let them do it. It’s frustrating sometimes, as an entrepreneur, “do-it-yourself” type, but you have to let them do it.

How would you describe your areas of expertise based on industry, market, and/or function?

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Sales leadership - I go into companies that have underperforming sales forces or can’t hit the next level, take a look at the people, processes, and technology, and help them elevate their salesforce. It spans across industries; it doesn’t matter what they’re selling, everyone has the same sales challenges.

What is your strength when it comes to emotional intelligence?

I have a very strong personality so I’ve become cognizant of my own presence and try to manage that so that other people feel comfortable making their contributions and my presence isn’t too strong. In terms of my team, I can manage people well, I think being more aware has led me to manage a team better.

What is your superpower?

My ability to adapt to any given situation or in just about any group.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working at a company right now that has a unique challenge in that the raw material we need to build our product is very difficult to grow. It’s subject to tough environmental conditions and constraints, and there is limited supply globally but extremely high demand. We’re trying to grow the business and manage the supply chain within those constraints. It’s more art than science right now; we need to implement processes, but be creative in how we do it.

What is one book, blog, or podcast you recommend widely?

Stonekettle Station, written by Jim Wright; he’s an in-your-face blogger. And anything by Gary Vaynerchuk.

What is something that's not on your LinkedIn profile that you wish was?

I developed a martial arts program for special needs kids. It’s on there, but I just haven’t highlighted how proud I am of it or why I do it at all.