"At JuntoNight, I had the chance to talk to the Cristaux team [I mentored]. It was incredible to hear how they used our mentoring to make changes within their company." 


What have you learned about yourself mentoring with Junto?

I’ve been with my company for almost 17 years and in many different roles during that time. It has been fulfilling and surprising at times to realize the scope of different experiences I can share for any one problem the companies are facing.

What is something that's not on your LinkedIn profile that you wish was?

On LinkedIn, it is difficult to emphasize who you are as person and how that relates to how you approach your roles in business. If there were one thing to add to my profile, it is my approach and belief all areas and levels of a team must to work together to solve challenges and find the next opportunity. There are no tasks too small or too large for anyone if they are working together with a common goal.

How would you describe your areas of expertise based on industry, market, and/or function?

Over the past 20 years my focus has been the development and delivery of data and digital marketing solutions and technology. Back in 2001, I joined three others to build a digital marketing company called Leapfrog Online. I can happily say we have seen success beyond what we imagined at the time. I continue there today as Managing Director now part of a larger company. My passion and expertise is leading companies and my clients to digital success. This has me leading our solutions, teams and clients at the pace and change of digital and growing the future leaders of the business.

What is your strength when it comes to emotional intelligence?

I have found over time my strength in emotional intelligence is my ability to first and foremost understanding the perspective and needs of others when working to solve a challenge. I work to place myself in their shoes and understand their needs and goals and how I can bring additional thoughts and ideas to try and solve them.

What is your superpower?

Superpower is a strong word. I think we all have unique skills to bring to the table. My unique skill seems to have come in being able to see opportunities and synergies from seemingly unrelated things almost in real-time. I can process pieces of data and situations that seem unrelated and tell you what might happen next. It took me a while to realize how to leverage this into day to day work without it just being a distraction to myself and others. It’s always a work in progress but I think this skill is one that enables me to accelerate businesses and teams and make successful decisions faster.

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What is your most memorable Junto moment?

At JuntoNight last year, I had the chance to talk to the Cristaux team [I mentored] and listen to what had happened since I’d last seen them. It was incredible to hear how they have grown and how our shared experiences helped make changes within their company. Even if we had only helped them 3% in the long run and they did the other 97%, it was amazing to feel like we’d helped them just a little bit..

Finish the following sentence: "In my experience, ______________."

The patterns of growth and challenges that occur in different businesses are often similar, regardless of the type of industry or business. We all believe that our problems are unique as we are in them, but many chapters in a business’s evolution as you grow are the same across industries and business types.

What are 1-2 leadership virtues you've observed or learned in your career?

The two key virtues I aspire to always have and recognize in successful leadership styles are honesty and integrity. Leaders whom have the trust of others to be transparent and honest in both good times and tough times are the ones who can enable growth and change. Without those two virtues, almost all other leadership traits are nullified as you will not earn opportunity to lead.