"I’ve learned how to remain open and avoid rushing to judgements, and to really listen and seek to understand." 


What are 1-2 leadership virtues you've observed or learned in your career?

Leadership isn’t selfish. Good leadership is all about lifting, elevating, and moving others. The best leaders care deeply about other people, and want bring out the best in them and inspire them to follow their passion.

Finish the following sentence: "In my experience, ______________."

You get what you expect in life. If you expect good, big things, and you approach life and jobs with that mindset, you’ll get exactly what you expect.

How would you describe your areas of expertise based on industry, market, and/or function?


In terms of industry, I spent most of my adult life in the sports arena, and I was a CEO there for about ten years. From a function standpoint, I would says sales, sales management, and leadership.

What is one book, blog, or podcast you recommend widely?

The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath; it really impacted me. I have bought a bunch of copies and sent them out. It’s a required read for my family and I’ve shared it with some colleagues and friends. It’s about how in our lives these little special moments kind of just happen, and how we can prepare for that. And it goes over how you can create more moments in your life by doing certain things.

What is your most memorable Junto moment?

I’d say a culmination of our Spikeball advisory meetings. The group has been together for about three years, and it’s interesting to see a collection of people that are really complementary to one another. I always leave all of those meetings with new energy.

What is your superpower?

I find the positive in every situation, and I see the good in everyone.

What have you learned about yourself mentoring with Junto?

I’ve learned how to remain open and avoid rushing to judgements, and to really listen and seek to understand.

What is your strength when it comes to emotional intelligence?

I think I’m perceptive and can assess situations and people’s perspectives. It allows me to find common ground and build bridges, because I can figure out what’s important to them and what they want.

What are you working on right now?

I’m going through an interesting time, doing some management and executive coaching, serving on a couple of boards, and working in some financial groups. It has given me a new view on different sized businesses, since most of my experience was in big business.