At the end of each class, the founders complete an evaluation form, the results of which are summarized below, followed by their unedited comments. 

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Class 1: Self-Awareness, Cary Chessick

  • Cary is a very inspiring speaker and a great lead-in to the program.
  • Very informative and well done.
  • Cary did not rush through a lot of material. He used very powerful material and took the time to make sure it sunk in with the whole group. I was quite impressed and personally impacted.
  • unbelievable. It's crazy how the "zoned in" everybody was.
  • Great content - certainly aligned to Junto. Lesson could have been designed to integrate more EI exercises. It was a bumpy start due to video hitch, got better as the lesson progressed.
  • Great class  Afterwards I made a concerted effort to apply what we learned. Through  my interactions today I was much more aware of my emotions and how they affected my decisions and ability to communicate with co-workers and friends.
  • I'd recommend a class on self awareness but Gary [sic] seemed slightly unprepared even without considering the video acting up (that happens).  Better preparation and more focus on self awareness (less on psychology etc) might have helped with moving the discussion down the path. I didn't finish the class so I might have missed him getting into his groove.
  • The speaker did a great job of combining statistics on performance with specific examples, class demonstrations, and tactics to employ for increasing self-awareness.
  • Overall, the first class was thoroughly enjoyed by my fellow cofounders and me.  In retrospect, the most helpful suggestion that I can think of is that more examples could have been provided early in the talk using anecdotes and statistics to drive home why self-awareness directly benefits startup founders and thereby their company. In my opinion, the best portion of the talk was when Cary asked for examples from the Junto participants.  By doing so, it became more readily apparent as to why and how self-awareness is an essential component to individual and company-wide success.  Unfortunately, this portion of the talk came well into the second half of the class. Lastly, it would be helpful to have been provided background information on the topic and the speaker, including why the speaker was selected to instruct on the topic, prior to class. Thanks for seeking our input.  My fellow cofounders and I are looking forward to the next class!
  • The concepts of the emotional quotient and mindfulness are important ones. The class, though, was light on content, especially as to how it would relate to the entrepreneur, and the instructor seemed scatter-brained at times. Again, important topic, mediocre execution.
  • This was a timely class since self-awareness/EQ issues have been on my mind recently. I've noticed that I have not been connecting with some of our younger employees the same way I used to and I have been both wondering, but too busy to think too much about it. This class has given me some solid tools to change my own approach on a day to day, that I hadn't really considered and I've already seen a positive change.


Class 2: Hiring, Managing, Firing, Jay Goltz

  • Great class, very insightful. I feel like it helped to push our company towards better practices, which is always a helpful thing.
  • The incredible number of experiences he has had dealing with so many individuals over the years made him a perfect speaker to talk to us about dealing with employees, the challenges, and the pitfalls.  It was nice to get such a high-level perspective on culture and managing people.
  • Jay's insights were timely and practical. He was also an effective communicator. The opportunity to receive this kind of frank advice makes Junto a meaningful pedagogical forum. My only suggestion, would be to receive more concrete materials that could be taken home from the talk.
  • Absolutely necessary information for anyone attempting to run a business.
  • Jay's talk was one of the most informative and inspirational that I've ever attended. His use of personal stories to convey important principles allowed me to take-away concepts that I'll never forget on my journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Jay did a great job in describing the "real world" of hiring, firing and what it's like to manage a relatively large number of people as a business owner. He is unapologetic about what his experiences have taught him and is excited to relay those experiences to people who may be able to avoid making some of the mistakes that have molded his viewpoints. While his experiences are unique based on the type of business he runs, I would venture that anyone who either does now or will employ more than a dozen people will find that his experiences are not unusual.
  • I was excited for this class as we have immediate needs to learn about hiring and felt I learnt much more in the hour spent with Empower HR than the 4 hours this morning. 4 hours is way too long for a lecture. Please can we have breakout sessions to learn by doing in all of these 4 hour classes - is this not the Junto way? I found the shared experiences from the other companies engaging and valuable. I would like more of this. I suggest the Junto takes a more active role in designing the class, not leaving it all up to the guest speaker. Start with Emotionally Intelligent check-ins, limit lecture time, design for learning. Create an environment where we can share and even work on our current situations. We are all active business leaders, learners yes but not only students. If Jay had started the meeting with the personal story of spending time with family - that would have impacted the quality of connection significantly. This is why the PEI course is start with the life's journey. Obviously I disagree with Jay's philosophy. I don't have a problem with that, and will continue to have the courage to speak up and share emerging practices, technologies and organizational structures I am exposed to. I also would love to hear more about what others in the tribe have been reading/learning and are attracted to.


Class 3: Financial Management, Adam Robinson

  • A little choppy with the technical difficulties but strong overall. Great confirmation of the strength of our company’s gross margins.
  • Great job distilling complex financials to a few key concepts/metrics. Physically creating the balance sheet was very useful.
  • Biggest take-away: how to analyze and predict our growth and what we are to do in order to survive.
  • Excellent exercises. So important to pay attention to financial health. Great to have insights into what to pay attention to. Take-away: Manage your business.
  • Awesome. Real. Honest. Take-away: We can create the situation we want.
  • Great class. I think this taught my team (and myself) a whole lot about finance and money management.
  • Started a bit slow but picked up.
  • Financial management can make or break your business. Very valuable. Key take-away: Watch your key metrics very closely.
  • Awesome! It’s great to take a step back and actually look at the company financials. Key take-away: knowing your working capital.
  • Key take-away: know your business.
  • Absolutely loved it! Tremendous value provided. Learned more about business finances in 4 hours than I did while running the business for 3+ years. Key take-aways: It won’t be as hard as I think to be a good finance person. I feel like finances are the weakest point for me and after today I am confident I will begin to learn. Nice confidence booster!
  • Some issues with technical matters made it hard to follow. Key take-aways: “Fire someone today.” The clarity I currently have of the numbers of business is severely lacking. I now know which #s to demand each period.
  • Was a little hard to follow excel sheet on projector. Consider a shared Google Doc? Key take-away: WC/R vs GM/R.


Class 4: Branding Engineering, Jim Jacoby

  • Action items: Document brand promise; sign up for Jacoby Office Hours!; Ensure brand promise is reflected in template emails
  • It is really difficult to fit a subject so broad into a class of 4 hours. It almost felt like we were skimming but not getting much out. Action items: Share worksheets with team; 1 hour session around them.
  • Interactions between Jim and the companies (and between the companies and companies) were awesome -> more! Action items: write down my vision of the company instead of keeping it in my head; define our blue ocean clearly; tell everyone in the company where we are going and why.
  • The best part of the presentation was all of the ideas on how to view branding and designing an effective strategy for actually addressing issues and tools for solving those issues. Action item: Design and implement sales process.
  • Slides were too small as well as the print-outs. Can’t really make use of the takeaway. I thought that Jim made some excellent points and absolutely affected how I thought about our brand. The concept of discussing branding and tricks of the trade are extremely valuable, but I didn’t understand it as much as I expected. Jim is competent but not my kind of educator.
  • Clear, concise articulation of a complicated topic. Action items: We need a brand; start putting pen to paper; get clients past loyalty to advocacy.
  • Action items: Update website; create mission statement; frame love/hate image; place Junto on my LinkedIn; understand bridge from loyalty to advocacy.
  • We’re having a full-day meeting on Friday specifically to talk about branding. One improvement would be less words on the slides. It would be nice if we could read some of the more lengthy slides during the session. Action items: All-day branding meeting- only co-founders; create loyalty programs; meet with Jim.
  • More info on the difference between B2B versus B2C branding. Also, more info on the difference between entrepreneurship strategy versus mature companies. Action items: identify personas that we interact with; establish brand consistency; develop alternative logo for dark backgrounds.
  • Slides were extremely difficult to read. Action items: consistency across brand; update website; build experience map.
  • Everything spoken about was completely relevant and eye-opening. First time I’ve had a speaker know exactly what every person was asking and having a well thought-out answer for them. Action item: develop our customer’s personas; mapping the way to our blue ocean; make customer loyalty a focus.
  • Best one yet by far. This guy is a genius. Action items: Go through entire branding model process this Friday; write it out and be comfortable with it.
  • Very useful information and definitely puts it in a different perspective. Action items: develop personas and walk them through the model.


Class 5: Self-Management, Tim Heitmann

  • Tim knocked this out of the park. He spoke well in a cohesive and organized fashion that allowed the class to learn about multiple areas in one session, as well as embodied the subject matter on a personal level. Very authentic guy. 
  • Great topic and really appreciated the way Tim dove into and explored issues. 
  • Great exercises and presence.
  • This class was great! Learned new concepts in EQ that I will work on starting today!
  • Very introspective. Helped me think about my core values, time management, and transparency.
  • I really enjoyed the class by taking a step back and digging into yourself. Extremely helpful and a lot of action items. 
  • Tim practices what he teaches - he’s open and transparent but probing which makes you feel very comfortable but pushes and challenges you to truly think!
  • Well organized - really enjoyed the first exercise on determining your core values. 
  • Was hoping to see more information about self-management techniques that individuals can use... like the meditation example. 


Class 6: Venture Finance, Jeff Carter

  • Would love to have the due diligence checklist integrated into class. 
  • The “real world” examples were awesome. Truly helped to paint a relatable picture.
  • Great insight into VC community. I believe bootstrapping and organic growth is the way of the future, which is why I am less likely to recommend this class. 
  • Jeff’s open discussion and practice in valuing a company was very helpful. He spoke with experience and answered questions that had been lingering in my mind. Excellent session. 


Class 7: Social Awareness, Ajay Goel

  • The EI courses are pretty awesome. 
  • Very interesting to hear Ajay’s tactical examples. 
  • Would like to cover more material in the class. 
  • Great class! Ajay did a terrific job relating to each co-founder and providing examples. 
  • Enjoyed the exercises. Lead to other resources (e.g. negotiation tactics) would be helpful. 
  • Ajay structured some valuable practices through role playing between people. I found learning and then practicing to be the most valuable part. 
  • Ajay was great. Very engaging and terrific covering of the topic. 


Class 8: Communicating & Presenting, Brian Burkhart

  • Very important overview on “soft skills” that contribute to strong leadership and effectiveness. 
  • Can move through content faster. Several points (especially at the start) were repeated. 
  • I wish this class had been held earlier in the year, but better late than never. 
  • Best class thus far in regard to the presenter. We will definitely be engaging with Brian in the future to help with messaging. 
  • Great tips. Could be distilled for the 4 hour format. 
  • Fantastic!
  • Great use of props. Thanks for the Guinness!
  • I scored all 10’s because I know Brian is hyper-competitive. He was fantastic! I would have done a whole day class happily.


Class 9: Sales, Rich Lyons

  • Incredible value. Timely. Relevant. 
  • Great mellow delivery. Real experience growing an organization. Highlighted the importance of sales with strategy. Excellent info, complete credibility, and nice pace. 
  • Great message, however, I wish the slides were more clear. 
  • It was very insightful to see how a bigger company handles sales. He was very open about what tactics his company, uses and I definitely think we could take a bunch of those tactics and put them in our company. 
  • It was a little dry. His comments were helpful but he had trouble connecting to our needs as a smaller organization. It was good as a base for building a sales “structure,” however. 
  • Less utility for an R&D heavy company (i.e: licensing based). Some discussion about how consideration of sales and customer needs should drive R&D for that company could be helpful. 
  • Not much on leadership or EI, but the sales tactics were awesome. If you’re not into sales I could see this being slightly boring. He was very good and the takeaway docs are very valuable. 
  • Very valuable. More focus on roles in small teams vs people in large organizations. Lean startup - discovering business model vs executing proven business model
  • Great fit, but a bit too much about organizational structure for a company that is much farther along than us. 


Class 10: Relationship Management, Dan Heuertz

  • Amazing class! I have so many actionable items to help me work through some very stressful past few weeks. 
  • Great depth of topic. Dan connects well with his shared experiences. 
  • Archetypal Junto EI Class - awesome!
  • It was a deep dive but ultimately fulfilling. I was a little late and somewhat less engaged than usual, but I did my best to focus. 
  • Great enthusiasm. More content/examples would be very helpful. 
  • Great use of music!
  • I really enjoyed the stories that Dan shared. Personal stories really helped me connect and open up. 
  • Started slow and boring but ended fast and noteworthy. His stories were very engaging. 
  • Awesome class - no changes recommended.


Class 11: Operations & Metrics, Nick Sarillo

  • Best so far! Proof that EI can drive a business. Not one minute was used to talk about how good the pizza was. Only talked about how good people and process was. People, value, purpose, process -> success.
  • Extremely educational. Always knew structure was important, but it was amazing to see structure to this level of detail. 
  • It was very interesting to learn how Nick’s business is ran. Very helpful to implement some of the ideas into our company.
  • I learned a lot about successful operations management and the experience was organic because examples were apparent throughout the establishment. 
  • Make sure we relate metrics/techniques to disparate businesses. 
  • Really showed how to give employees tools v.s. just tasks. 
  • Fantastic - make this a mainstay of Junto. 
  • Fantastic!
  • Seeing the structure in action made it MUCH easier to understand how I can do it for myself. 
  • Nick is a manifestation of the thread through every Junto class we have had. Huge EI skills blended with metrics, marketing, and measurement. I am in awe. 



Class 12: Company Culture, Tom Walter

  • Perfect. He and his company prove EI. Really cool to see everyone is important. Amazing how more businesses have formed within Tasty Catering. 
  • I loved the idea of having employees start their own businesses. It really makes sense how the core values can really shape the culture. At first I was kind of questioning how you keep people accountable, but the core values is how you do it. 
  • Leaving at 8 am would be early enough. 
  • Fantastic! Should consider having Tom teach at the beginning and end of Junto’s year so that companies have an entire year to work on and report how their culture development is progressing.
  • As always, this class came at the exact moment I needed it. We need to, with our employees, define our values NOW!