Appreciation is about more than sending someone a Hallmark card or thank you note. In business, when a person is treated with appreciation and respect, they feel a deeper connection to their team. On this episode of Flourishing Together, Raman talks to Dan Klein of Tiesta Tea and Josh Chapman of LandscapeHub about why it’s so important to listen to your co-workers and employees as well as show your appreciation for their work.


On this episode of Flourishing Together, Raman talks to Dan Klein, CEO of Tiesta Tea. Dan shares a time where he found his response to a co-worker didn’t leave much room for discussion or creativity. He realized that if he listened and used more emotional intelligence in his approach, employees and co-workers would have more space to speak up about their ideas.

Next, Raman sits down with Josh Chapman, the COO of LandscapeHub and a beloved Junto mentor. Like anyone starting a new position at a new company, Josh felt a bit anxious upon coming aboard at LandscapeHub. However, his new bosses were quick to tell him just how much they valued his work and were happy he had taken the job. This small gesture helped him banish his nerves and made him realize that feeling appreciated professionally was one of his career non-negotiables.

Next, Raman rounds out the episode with closing reflections.

  • [00:40] – Welcoming Dan Klein, CEO of Tiesta Tea

    • [03:02] – Emotion wheel

    • [04:32] – Dan’s first recollection of leadership

    • [06:21] – Promoting emotional intelligence

    • [09:08] – Hard conversations

    • [11:36] – Female influence

    • [16:47] – Growing as a leader

    • [20:43] – Closing appreciations

  • [23:34] – Welcoming Josh Chapman, COO of LandscapeHub

    • [25:30] – Emotion wheel

    • [27:09] – Josh’s first recollection of leadership

    • [30:27] – Vision & respect

    • [32:38] – Appreciation in the workplace

    • [34:09] – Leaving the world a better place

    • [36:34] – Josh’s approach to mentoring

    • [39:18] – Leadership in context

    • [41:29] – The right way

    • [43:41] – Culture of appreciation

  • [49:21] – Reflections

The Junto Institute runs a structured, designed Apprenticeship Program that is built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together. Originating in 2012 in Chicago, IL, over 30 companies have participated in the Junto Apprenticeship program.

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