There is enormous power in story. The stories you tell yourself shape who you are and how you interact with other people. In some cases, shared stories and experiences are more memorable than advice. Kris Krisco of Buildout and Paul Pagel of 8th Light joined Raman this week for powerful discussions on the role stories have played in helping them find purpose. Check out this week’s episode of Flourishing Together as we dive into the concepts of pride in our work and the deep satisfaction of cultivating craft.


Have you ever felt like an outcast? Most people have at one point or another, but for Kris Krisco, Chief Customer Officer at Buildout, feelings of being an outsider made him feel disconnected from family and friends. In time, he realized this was a strength. In our first conversation, Kris reflects on how feeling strange helped him better understand employees and customers on a human level.

In our second conversation, we’re talking to Paul Pagel, CEO of 8th Light and a JuntoMentor. There have been times when, as a leader, Paul has wanted to dole out advice to help his team get unstuck. But advice isn’t as memorable as shared experience. For Paul, the memory of stories through shared experience stays with him and he is able to call upon those lessons more readily than on regular advice given.

Today, Flourishing Together dives into the power storytelling plays in our lives before moving to a discussion of finding purpose and cultivating craft. Join Raman, Kris, and Paul as they parse out how leaders can impart knowledge in ways that are both memorable and accessible.

  • [01:49] – Welcoming Kris Krisco, Chief Customer Officer at Buildout

    • [03:19] – Emotion wheel

    • [05:26] – Kris’ first recollection of leadership

    • [09:03] – The difference between “I” and “You” statements

    • [12:35] – The origin of Kris’ motivations

    • [14:30] – Win Forever

    • [16:24] – Picture journaling

    • [22:57] – Harmonizing family background with growth & development

    • [28:05] – Closing appreciations

  • [31:38] – Welcoming Paul Pagel, CEO of 8th Light

    • [32:50] – Emotion wheel

    • [34:40] – Paul’s first recollection of leadership

    • [38:24] – Using shared experiences

    • [43:11] – How Paul became CEO of 8th Light

    • [46:38] – The pursuit of mastery

    • [51:13] – Bringing the value of learning into the home

    • [54:45] – Developing leadership and business savvy

    • [58:11] – Closing appreciations

Kris Krisco is the Chief Customer Officer at Buildout, a commercial real estate software firm. Kris is also a Junto Institute alumnus and finds great purpose in nurturing both his team members and customers while delivering world class customer service.

Paul Pagel is the CEO at 8th Light, a custom software development service. He is also a popular mentor at The Junto Institute. Paul is passionate about training and developing leaders, developers, and designers to create higher caliber software that makes the world a better place.

The Junto Institute is the only place where leaders and their companies grow together, helping them get to their desired next stage. Its leadership programs are built on a proven system of deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together.

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