I’ve realized that, just when things seem to stabilize for an instant in my life or work, something new emerges for the very first time. It’s not luck, fate, destiny, or any other existential or philosophical reason. It’s just the way it is.

I also observe this day in and day out in my role at Junto. The vast majority of companies that have enrolled in our programs are led by first-time founders who encounter something almost every day for the very first time. It’s why we get similar questions from Apprentice Companies year after year. It’s why we hear from Alumni Companies that it feels just as hard going from 20 to 40 employees as it was going from 2 to 20.

Interestingly, we’ve also unknowingly incorporated the “first time” idea in our marketing and positioning efforts. We target companies that appreciate the phrase, “what got us here won’t get us there.” We tout the deep experience of JuntoMentors as people who have “been there, done that.” And we like to say that Junto is ideal for founders and executives who “know what they don’t know.”

In all likelihood, this is not a groundbreaking revelation for most people. Even a young adult can relate to the idea of “everything for the first time.” But what can we do with it? How can this help us get better on a daily basis?

I believe it’s as simple as our mindset.

Every day – and I mean every day – imagine what it might feel like if we wake up acknowledging that we’ll encounter something for the very first time? Imagine how that could allow us to appreciate the beauty that surprise can bring to us in life and in work?

Imagine if we meditated, prayed, reflected, or journaled on how experiencing something for the first time today will make us stronger tomorrow? Imagine how much more prepared we could be emotionally, physically, and mentally when we actually do experience something for the very first time?