One of my beliefs about happiness is that it’s momentary and fleeting, unlike joy which builds over time and is more lasting. Last week, however, I discovered a new way of seeing both of them.

First, Paulina Caprio, one of our JuntoWomen facilitators and a JuntoMentor, told me about a challenging client experience she was having and the reasons. She shared this just before walking into last week’s JuntoWomen session, remarked that the client engagement would end in two weeks, and with a big smile, finished by saying, “But this is going to fill my bucket.”

Then, in an email thread the following day when we shared appreciations for the JuntoWomen panelists, one of them, Amy Anderson of Red Caffeine (JuntoAlumni), replied with, “This definitely filled my bucket :)!!”

Needless to say, both were gratifying for our team to hear; little is more uplifting about our work than hearing how people are touched by it. And as I reflected on this experience, I gave some thought to “filling the bucket,” and where it fit with my personal beliefs about happiness and joy.

I ultimately concluded that, to me, “filling the bucket” is doing something that makes us happy but in a more lasting way; it’s like a bridge that connects happiness with joy. And it’s different from “recharging,” which in my view is about our energy and drive while filling the bucket is more about our heart and soul.

So as we head into the holiday season, take some time off, and ponder the past and upcoming years, I hope many of us will also think about how we do fill our buckets, and how we can.