The forum is a peer-to-peer roundtable, a sacred space for founders and leaders.

Each session features member presentations on specific challenges they are facing, personally or professionally. Using questions and shared experiences, members discover new strategies, tactics, and truths to address these obstacles. 

In addition, members are assigned "homework" at each session: a specific emotional intelligence-based habit to practice before the next session. These habits gradually become newly formed behaviors that enable the members to become more effective leaders in their companies.



CEO Forum: members are only the CEOs of each company in Junto

Leader Forum: members are co-founders or key leaders

Time Commitment: varies at 4-10 hours/mo., based on program stage


Shared Experiences

One of most important things.

“One of the most important things in my life today, knowing that I have my forum mates to count on. You can get deep down into yourself and your core issues that you wouldn’t be able to tell your friends or family. ”

— Junto I Leader

CEOs with same problems.

“The CEO forum was incredibly helpful as always. It's so refreshing that whenever you feel like all the problems are on your shoulders and you’re all alone, that these other CEOs are going through the same problems and are able to help you work through them.”

— Junto III CEO

Direction and clarity.

I feel like I have direction and clarity on so many business issues. I feel aligned and with purpose. The E.I. habits are incredible in the most subtle ways. They sneak up on you and you don't realize you are different until you see that you are different.

— Junto III CEO