Underpinning Junto’s core offering and tight community is personal and professional growth. As our Apprentices go through the program, they learn new skills and develop virtuous behaviors that help them become better leaders and better people, beginning or building upon their personal growth practice.

And over time, I’ve heard a number of questions and experiences they have on the idea of growing with and without their partners, both in business and in life.

What do you do when you’re committed to personal and professional growth but your co-founder or spouse is not? How do you influence them to join you on your growth journey or, better yet, help them explore their own? What do you if they have no interest in such growth? And where is the point at which it becomes a factor in staying together or splitting up?

To me, it’s a matter of values. People build relationships with people whose values are similar. I’m confident that most of us have had relationships slowly dissolve or swiftly break because of misaligned values. At the same time, our most precious relationships are with those who have shared values.

If you haven’t before, I’m going to ask you to give this matter some thought this week: what is your mindset on personal growth, how does it relate to your partners in life and business, and what can you do about it?

And if you’re available, please join us tomorrow morning for The Struggle: Growing With(out) Our Spouses and Loved Ones, when we’ll have a conversation on the above questions based on our shared experiences.