Years ago, when we established the standard of sharing appreciations at the end of Junto sessions, I began doing the same in my daily life.

I took notice of more people and more moments than I had before. I began and kept a gratitude journal. I went to bed thinking of what I appreciated that day. And I began expressing myself more openly and with greater vulnerability. What started as an exercise became a practice which turned into a habit.

Others have shared similar experiences, whether on their own or because of attending Junto sessions. They, too, have given appreciations dozens, hundreds, and perhaps thousands of times. They, too, have been able to build a virtuous practice or habit.

And so can you even if you’re not sure how to deliver a sincere appreciation.

So this week, I hope we all go one step further than giving simple “thanks” on one particular day. I hope we can share appreciations through the entire holiday weekend. I hope we can dig deep and re-discover the abundance in our lives that 2020 seems to have buried. I hope we can go further than gratitude, shift energy in rooms we occupy (even on Zoom), and be more genuine.

And I hope by doing so, the momentum carries forward into the rest of the holiday season and beyond, potentially becoming a personal practice, possibly a habit, or the ultimate: an example for others.

From all of us at Junto, Happy Appreciationgiving.