Part 1: Before the Meeting

Part 2: Day of the Meeting


1. Edit notes & summarize feedback

This step is self-explanatory. Early the next business day, we edit the meeting notes and summarize the anonymous meeting feedback.

Our lesson learned: Edit the notes as soon as possible after the meeting, while the conversation details are still fresh in our memory.

2. Email notes and feedback to Mentors

We then email the meeting notes and feedback summary to the Mentors and leadership team, and confirm the date, time and location of the next meeting. In our experience, most of the Mentors who miss a meeting will actually read through these notes prior to the following meeting so that they’re informed and able to participate in a meaningful way.

Our lesson learned: The notes and meeting feedback are most relevant when sent no later than one business day after the meeting, and are most likely to be reviewed by the meeting attendees.

3. Send a calendar invite for next meeting

We follow our email with a calendar invite for the next meeting, including all leaders and Mentors.

Our lesson learned: The company leaders and Mentors are all busy people. It’s important that we take accountability for getting these meetings on their calendars.

4. Send notes and evaluation summaries to the company

Lastly, we send both the meeting notes and feedback summary. We do this to provide our Apprentices with access to all of the notes taken and content used throughout the duration of the program. They can easily go back to find any past information they are interested in.

Our lesson learned: Send all information so it is as easy as possible for the leaders to find when they want it.

This process is a living thing that we consistently challenge, update and edit. We don’t always execute on these steps perfectly and have moments of failure and new lessons. Over the 109 Mentor Meetings we’ve had and the many more we will have in the future, our intention is to maximize learning and engagement for both Mentors and the company leaders. Right alongside our Apprentices, we are committed to this continuous journey of growing better.