"When you’re sitting at a table with a bunch of mentors, you realize that everyone really brings a superpower or skills or experiences that you just don’t have." 


How would you describe your areas of expertise based on industry, market, and/or function?

My areas of expertise are all around entrepreneurship. I’ve started a number of different companies and held senior leadership positions, all across different industries. I’m good at creating, establishing, growing, and scaling businesses.

What are 1-2 leadership virtues you've observed or learned in your career?

Patience. It’s really hard as an entrepreneur to be patient but it’s critical. Good, valuable work takes time.

What is your most memorable Junto moment?

I remember distinctly getting up on stage and sharing my experiences with Michael [the founder of TopstepTrader], and then also the graduation for DESIGNATION, whose CEO was a mentee of mine. I really like the graduation ceremonies. Those moments are very special.


What is your superpower?

Never losing perspective. There’s a lot of chaos and fires to put out all the time, but that’s true in business and in families. With a lot of moving pieces all the time, you can’t forget what’s really important and must remain grounded or you can get swept up in the winds of the constant chaos.

Finish the following sentence: "In my experience, ______________."

You can have an amazing ladder, and you can climb it as high as you want, but if you aren’t putting it up against the right wall, it doesn’t matter because you aren’t going to the right place. Sometimes the business itself or the “wall” itself just isn't the right wall (I believe this was a Stephen Covey metaphor).

What have you learned about yourself mentoring with Junto?

What I’m good at, as well as what I’m not good at. When you’re sitting at a table with a bunch of mentors, you realize that everyone really brings a superpower or skills or experiences that you just don’t have. I’ve learned that I can bring skills and experiences but they just aren’t comprehensive on their own.

What is one book, blog, or podcast you recommend widely?


At TopstepTrader, we live on Traction by Gino Wickman. The framework of having long term, but also quarterly and weekly goals really works. It’s predicated on the value of the business and the people, and I’ve found that culture really is the mothership that keeps everything tethered.

What is your strength when it comes to emotional intelligence?

Listening skills. I’ve found a number of times that if I assume something, and then listen, I’m typically wrong the first time around.

What are you working on right now?

We’re working on a new exciting product, so we’re seeing how to shift the momentum of the people, the organization as a whole, and the products. We’re revisiting our values, and we’re trying to hire some great people to our workforce.

What is something that's not on your LinkedIn profile that you wish was?

I would say my financial background. I have an undergraduate Finance degree from the Wharton School of Business and a graduate Finance degree from the University of Chicago.