"There have been few organizations, if any, that I’ve worked with where I have felt that everyone has such a high level of integrity." 


How would you describe your areas of expertise based on industry, market, and/or function?

I call myself a jack of all trades and master of none - I’ve worked in industries from banking to insurance to healthcare, and I’ve worked in several functional roles. Across all of my jobs, the thing that ties them all together is leadership.

What is one book, blog, or podcast you recommend widely?

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. There’s a valuable lesson to be learned about being open-minded. The one constant in life and in business is change. And in business, being open-minded to change lends its way to success.


What have you learned about yourself mentoring with Junto?

How much I value people with integrity. There have been very few organizations, if any, that I’ve worked with where I have truly felt that everyone has such a high level of integrity. I used to be tolerant of [a lack of integrity], but now, if I don't feel that you have integrity, I won’t be working with you. I think that came from Junto.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on being a better listener. I tend to respond too quickly and I need to pause more before responding, and show others that I am listening.

Finish the following sentence: "In my experience, ______________."

The most difficult thing about being a leader are the times when you have to make the tough decision. Those that are truly successful embrace it and are comfortable with that.

What is something that's not on your LinkedIn profile that you wish was?

That I was the general manager of a sports franchise. It has always been my secret passion. I’d love putting a team together through their different skills.

What is your superpower?


What are 1-2 leadership virtues you've observed or learned in your career?

If you try to please everyone, you’re going to fail. Leaders need to make the decisions that they think are right. Some people will disagree with your decisions and you can’t ignore their thoughts/feedback, but you cannot try to please everyone. You need conviction for your decisions. What I love about Junto is that we’re helping people learn to become better leaders who can make those tough decisions because we don’t give advice, we share experiences. No one can tell you what the right answer is.

What is your strength when it comes to emotional intelligence?

Keeping commitments. Once I give you my word, I will always follow through on that.

What is your most memorable Junto moment?

At graduation last year, the CEO of the company I mentored gave his speech. He teared up and got really emotional. Seeing this person show this level of emotion blew me away and spoke to the magnitude of what we’re doing with Junto.