Brand Engineering (Jason Ulaszek) - August 9

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Brand Engineering (Jason Ulaszek) - August 9

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This class is for founders as well as other team members who are involved in marketing, branding, customer success, human resources, and related functions.

Taught by Jason Ulaszek, invited back to lead this class for the third time. Jason is a seasoned design executive, entrepreneur, and professor who is a founder of Inzovu and UX for Good.

In this class, you will learn why and how a company’s brand is defined by the experiences of customers and employees. Jason will demonstrate the power of engineering the brand you want through a hands-on workshop in which you map out the journey of your customer or employees, using the following tools:

  • your company’s core values

  • a proven framework that incorporates touch points, phases and interactions that align with how your company operates

  • the powerful question, “How might we?”

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Great Mentor. Lab format was very effective. 

Class is so relevant to companies who want to grow their people and processes. It unlocks insights you may have known but didn’t realize. 

Great content that is thought provoking and inspiring.