Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence (Raman Chadha) - July 12


Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence (Raman Chadha) - July 12

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This class is for anyone who wants to learn and benefit from the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. All leaders and team members are welcome.

Taught by Junto’s co-founder, Raman Chadha, who created the curriculum and has been studying, practicing, and teaching emotional intelligence for over 10 years.

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, and how they are applied to our daily work and living. They’re presented visually as a set of building blocks, through which Raman explains how each competency builds on the others.

  • self-awareness: our ability to know what we’re feeling, why, and its impact; and how others see us

  • self-management: our ability to exercise self-control and achieve emotional balance

  • social awareness: our ability to pick up social cues, read a room, and build empathy

  • relationship management: our ability to apply the first three elements above to influence, inspire, and get along with others

Raman will lead you through exercises to better understand your emotional intelligence and simple strategies to improve it on a daily basis.

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