Hiring, Managing & Firing (Adam Robinson) - Next Date TBA

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Hiring, Managing & Firing (Adam Robinson) - Next Date TBA

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This class is for anyone who is involved in the recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding process, as well as those with management responsibility.

Taught by JuntoMentor, Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology and author of The Best Team Wins. Hireology is a talent management SaaS company with nearly 300 employees.

In this class, you will learn how to improve the most important part of running a business - hiring and managing people - as well as how to build a repeatable and scalable system for doing so, including:

  • employer branding: how to position your company in the competitive market for talent

  • recruiting: how to craft job profiles and source the right candidates for open positions

  • interviewing: how to build a repeatable and scalable process that everyone in the company follows

  • selection: how to craft and use consistent decision-making criteria

  • on-boarding: how to make new hires feel a part of the team from day one, and how to manage their early performance

Finally, Adam will share his experiences with firing people - the hardest decision any leader has to make - and what he has learned as a result.

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“Fantastic and excellent content. Masterfully delivered, highly activating, can’t wait to put some of this to use.”

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