Building Sales Teams & Process (Kevin McShane) - Next Date TBA

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Building Sales Teams & Process (Kevin McShane) - Next Date TBA

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This class is for anyone in a sales role and/or involved with building the company’s sales team.

Led by JuntoMentor, Kevin McShane, an accomplished sales executive who uses his sophisticated and proven Sales Playbook as the basis for the class.

Specifically, you’ll learn from Kevin’s shared experiences and case studies how to:

  • hire quality sales people at all levels

  • manage performance of different sales roles

  • build the right funnel and sales process

  • design appropriate incentive compensation plans

  • create metrics to help manage all of the above

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“Excellent shared experiences in a model/method that we can use immediately following the class.”

“Kevin was amazing! This class is a must for sales managers and leaders. I could have listened/participated for another 4 hours.”

“Great instructor, wealth of knowledge/experience.”