Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Training

Team-based training so you can grow together, get more aligned, and build a scalable leadership model.

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Become Better Leaders…Together

As a leader, your most important job is moving people in the direction you’re going. And the tricky thing is that when you became a leader, you didn’t automatically become good at leadership. The good news is we can all become better leaders by becoming more emotionally intelligent. But it doesn’t happen by reading a book. It happens when your team makes a commitment, shows up together, and puts in the work.

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Because you want your executives or your team to become more inspirational leaders, set higher performance and behavioral standards, and learn a systematic leadership framework that can be scaled with the company.

By learning emotionally intelligent leadership skills and competencies, your team will build its self-awareness, exercise greater self-control, be far more empathetic and compassionate, and most importantly, be able to move your people in the direction you want.

Our curriculum is based on three essentials. First, you learn the Building Blocks of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, a practical framework for learning, applying, and scaling critical leadership skills. Second, you gain an appreciation for how your brain works, and how it explains what you do, why, and more importantly, how you can improve. And third, you learn practical leadership skills to help you build new habits, adapt to our rapidly changing world, and improve your relationships at work and at home.

Different schedule formats give you flexibility, options, and customization: half-day and full-day workshops, a four-month immersive program (4 hours per month), and a year-long intensive program (2 hours per month). The latter two also have add-on options for small group coaching.

This training may be ideal for your company if you have a group of 4-20 leaders or managers who have high standards of performance, a commitment to getting better, and comfort admitting that “what got us here won’t get us there.” It’s ideal if your team wants better communication, healthier relationships, and greater alignment.

While learning emotional intelligence is valuable for anyone, the context of our training is leadership. Therefore, the people on your team who will benefit the most range from your C-level executives (even those with deep experience) to emerging leaders and new managers.

All sessions are held live via Zoom. We ask that participants are fully engaged and present, with video on and a high quality microphone or headset. Because some content and discussions can be of a sensitive nature, and because much of the learning occurs through peer conversations, teams are asked to ensure that everyone attends, otherwise, sessions must be rescheduled.

Based on our experience, the most effective learning occurs when there is two-way communication, peer-to-peer interaction, and built-in accountability. As a result, our training is only offered live. Recordings are made available for later consumption to attendees of live training only.


Over no 12-month span throughout my entire life have I ever learned so much about myself and others. The Junto Institute is onto something big.

CROTech Company

My experience has been nothing short of life-changing. What I thought I knew about EI was limited and in many cases, wrong. I am now a better friend, family member, and leader.

VP Client SuccessPayments Company

A ground-breaking and life-changing program. Junto does a masterful job of distilling the framework for becoming an emotionally intelligent leader to your company, yourself, your family, and others.

DirectorMedical Device Consulting Firm

[This training] has taken me to a whole other level both professionally and personally. In recent feedback from my boss and peers I was told I’m a new person.

SVP OperationsDigital Agency

The class provided a strong theoretical framework as well as the opportunity to practice and collaborate skills that help us become our best selves.

CEOPrivate Equity Firm

I'm starting to learn more about my brain and the way it works in regards to my emotions. It's helped me better understand the science behind why I am the way I am.

Co-founder/PresidentCPG Firm

Don’t take this course. That way, I can return to my advantage over you in business and in life.

CEOE-commerce Company