Whatever life throws your way, human connection can help you overcome the odds and pick yourself back up. Today we’re talking to Paul Fehrenbacher and Mike Schopin, two men who have completely different life experiences but both found themselves freer when they embraced the idea of loving themselves and others.


“One of the things that I’ve learned is that that’s actually OK to have a messy life story. I’ve been told that our life is like a tapestry. . . It’s this beautiful piece of art that we can really only understand when the time is right for us to understand. ” – Paul Fehrenbacher

Paul Fehrenbacher is the Co-founder and CEO of Mutt Jackson as well as a Junto Institute Alumnus. Life has thrown some major curveballs his way and Paul opens up about how he’s dealt with multiple tragedies in a short amount of time. Through all the hardships, Paul has stayed true to himself and is living life on his terms.

“The greatest things in my life have come from the intersection of two random connections. And you can’t have those unless you take the chance and invest in the relationship.” – Mike Schopin

Our second interview is with JuntoMentor and partner at Zenfinity Capital, Mike Schopin. Sharing feelings doesn’t come easily to Mike so today he opens up about how he’s learned to slow down and be nicer to everyone he encounters. Mike also shares how parenthood has helped him keep calm.

  • [01:16] – Welcoming Paul Fehrenbacher, Co-founder, and CEO of Mutt Jackson

    • [02:48] – Emotion wheel

    • [04:38] – Paul’s first recollection of leadership

    • [07:06] – Losses and transitions

    • [19:39] – Facing mental illness as an entrepreneur

    • [26:54] – The importance of relationships

    • [30:32] – Growing potential

    • [32:07] – Closing appreciations

  • [35:04] – Welcoming Mike Schopin, Partner at Zenfinity Capital

    • [36:12] – Emotion wheel

    • [37:24] – Mike’s first recollection of leadership

    • [40:03] – Closet cheerleader

    • [44:19] – Becoming a better advisor & mentor

    • [51:21] – Finding balance through shared experiences

    • [1:00:40] – Sharing through the lens of others

    • [1:04:41] – The calming experience of parenthood

    • [1:07:29] – Closing appreciations

The Junto Institute is the only place where leaders and their companies grow together, helping them get to their desired next stage. Its leadership programs are built on a proven system of deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together.

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