For those of us who have studied emotional intelligence – at Junto or elsewhere – now is the time for us to practice what we learned.

Now is the time for us to build self-awareness. How are we feeling on a moment-by-moment basis? What strengths can we share and where do we have limits? Are we gaining or losing clarity of our values and purpose?

Now is the time for us to exercise self-management. How well are we keeping our emotions and impulses in balance? What can we do to maintain initiative, get sh*t done, and adapt to the massive change and ambiguity we’re experiencing?

Now is the time for us to be more socially aware. Do we realize that others are reacting and responding in their own unique ways? How well are we listening so we can be more compassionate? What can we do to better serve those on our teams and in our homes?

Now is the time to demonstrate relationship management. How can we help others cope, navigate, and process what we are ourselves? What can we do to inspire and appropriately influence those who need it the most? How can we share what we know about emotional intelligence with others?

After all, it is not simply a body of knowledge or information. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills.

And like all skills, they’re irrelevant unless they’re put to use. Now is the time to do so, more than ever.