Many people know that in the past year, I began using a new mantra, “I’m on the brink of everything,” inspired by a book with a similar title. As we turn the page on a new year and decade, that phrase means even more to me.

In our companies, most of us set long-term strategic plans, shorter-term operating plans, and use daily or weekly huddles. We take those big picture and tactical tools to create smaller, digestible action items that help us move forward.

In our lives, most of us reflect, meditate, go on retreats, practice yoga, exercise, or journal. They allow our spirit to emerge and keep us centered as we go on with our daily lives.

And between the two – our companies and our lives – we often step back and use tried-and-true axioms like “the world is our oyster”, “the possibilities are endless”, and “opportunity is everywhere.” To me, however, on the brink of everything is more novel, memorable, and personal.

I can visualize myself standing at the edge of a cliff with this vast expanse above, below, and in front of me. That expanse isn’t represented by the sky, the ground, and natural beauty. Instead, it’s represented by all that exists today that I can take advantage of tomorrow. And that includes both my work and my life.

On the brink of everything can serve as a daily reflection that keeps us forward-looking yet present. It can allow our heads to wander into the clouds while our feet remain on the ground. And it can reconcile our grand plans for the future with the wisdom that those plans will never turn out as expected.

So as we’re about to begin another new year by declaring priorities, resolutions, and intentions, let’s also recognize that we are on the brink of everything. Right now…and everyday. Happy New Year.