Humility & Spirituality in Leadership, with Michael Patak & Gaye van den Hombergh

In the latest episode of Flourishing Together, Raman sits down with Michael Patak, Chief Visionary Officer of TopstepTrader, to talk about his journey from trader to founder/CEO and why he ultimately decided to step down as CEO. They discuss leadership, spirituality and the vulnerability that has been critical to Michael’s success.

Raman then sits down with Gaye van den Hombergh, Sr. Consulting Partner at Partners in Leadership. They have a frank conversation about the role of weakness in one’s life, the privilege of choice, and how she’s defined leadership throughout her career.

The episode closes with some reflections from Raman and the role he sees religion and spirituality play in achieving more openness.

  • [00:23] Conversation with JuntoAlumnus, Michael Patak, Chief Visionary Officer of TopstepTrader

    • [02:12] First recollection of leadership

    • [03:47] Vulnerability and humility in the trading world

    • [06:49] Role of religion and spirituality in life

    • [09:09] Connecting company core values and personal spirituality

    • [10:29] Experience stepping down as CEO

    • [14:01] Women as a key part of TopstepTrader’s history

    • [16:57] Lessons learned about leadership

    • [18:08] Being the one to hold the vision

    • [20:25] Impact on personal and family life

    • [22:23] Closing appreciations

  • [23:33] Conversation with JuntoMentor,  Gaye van den Hombergh, Senior Consulting Partner with Partners in Leadership

    • [24:59] First recollection of leadership

    • [30:05] Thoughts on social awareness and empathy

    • [31:21] Reframing weaknesses as limits

    • [32:44] Accountability

    • [34:32] ‘I get to’ vs ‘I have to’ -- The privilege of choice

    • [36:16] "In our response lies our growth and our freedom." - Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

    • [37:15] Changing the culture in large companies

    • [40:58] Defining leadership

    • [42:05] Closing appreciations

  • [42:57] Raman’s closing reflections

    • [43:03] Humility

    • [44:00] Religion and spirituality as drivers of openness

    • [47:07] Women in leadership

    • [50:00] Results being a lagging indicator -- focus on people

The Junto Institute runs a structured, designed Apprenticeship Program that is built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together. Originating in 2012 in Chicago, IL, over 30 companies have graduated from the Apprenticeship program.

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