Introducing The Junto Institute Podcast: Flourishing Together

In this introduction to Flourishing Together, Raman Chadha invites you into the vibrant community of companies and leaders that are a part of The Junto Institute, as they further the vision of becoming a global ecosystem of growth, humanity, and virtue.

Episode Transcript

Greetings, my name is Raman Chadha, founder of The Junto Institute. Welcome to Flourishing Together. I want to start by sharing our vision and mission statements because they drive everything we do. Our vision at Junto is to be a global ecosystem of growth, humanity, and virtue and our mission is to help companies and their leaders become infinitely better at who they are and what they do.

We do all of this through a vibrant community of company leaders who are growing through deep mentorship peer-to-peer conversations and emotional intelligence learning. That's why this podcast is called Flourishing Together. We are literally growing with one another. Every day, I have the privilege and honor to not only witness this growth but also to be a part of inspiring conversations that prove to me how much potential we have as human beings and as a mission-driven company, through this podcast, we're going to bring in many of those conversations to leaders beyond Junto, believing we can help them and you become a little better with each episode.

If you want to be inspired by the shared experiences of people who've been there, done that this podcast is for you. If you're someone who believes that business is more about people, culture, and leadership rather than just product, market, and financials; you'll enjoy hearing what we talk about. If you find yourself trying to harmonize who you are with what you do, you'll relate to much of what we discuss every episode.

I'm going to have conversations with Junto alumni, mentors and friends; and bring you a taste of what we talk about and do on a daily basis. Our alumni are founders and leaders of growth stage companies. Our mentors are seasoned operators who have built companies, sold them, taken them public, experienced failure and can share personal experiences with virtually everything that startups and growth stage companies go through. Most importantly all of them are inspiring human beings who are thirsty to learn and give back and by joining us on this podcast you'll be on the receiving end of that gift back. 

I'm looking at our emotion wheel right now, which you will learn about soon and I'm feeling eager, delighted and stimulated. I welcome you to join us on this journey within our larger journey of becoming a global ecosystem of growth humanity and virtue.

Episode produced by Dante32