Living Out Core Values Through Activism & Philanthropy, with Chris Ruder & Grant Gochnauer

In this week’s episode of Flourishing Together, Raman Chadha sits down with Junto Alumnus Chris Ruder, Founder/CEO of Spikeball Inc to discuss his commitment to listening and building self-awareness, the roots of his activism and philanthropy, and how his team at Spikeball lives out their company values day-to-day.  

Raman also talks with Junto Mentor Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder & CTO at Vodori Inc, about translating personal values into everyday decisions and professional life, how personal reflection can allow you to turn pain into progress and the daily habits that contribute to ongoing personal and professional growth.

Finally, Raman shares his reflections on the difficulty companies have in putting language to core values and how looking to personal or family values can serve as a useful tool when crafting company those values.  

  • [00:33] - Conversation with Junto Alumnus Chris Ruder, Founder/CEO of Spikeball Inc.

    • [01:47] - Emotion Wheel

    • [02:39] - First recollection of leadership

    • [04:44] - Roots of activism and philanthropy

    • [06:55] - Connecting beliefs and values with activism

    • [08:57] - How Spikeball team members live out the company values on a daily basis

    • [11:58] - Where that drive for growth comes from

    • [14:26] - The things that get in the way of growth

    • [15:11] - Why Twitter is a part of Chris’ regular growth practice

    • [18:07] - Current books on the nightstand

    • [18:41] - Closing appreciations

  • [19:38] - Conversation with Junto Mentor Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder & CTO at Vodori Inc

    • [20:41] - Emotion Wheel

    • [21:27] - First recollection of leadership

    • [23:09] - How core values translate into everyday life

    • [25:38] - Core beliefs in career and professional life

    • [27:07] - Vodori policy on taking time off

    • [28:19] - Other values Grant carries through life

    • [30:10] - The impact of being ‘different’  

    • [32:22] - Who is Ray Dalio?

    • [33:05] - How core beliefs have influenced Grant’s activism

    • [35:17] - First memory of caring about personal growth

    • [37:41] - Omnifocus as the core of Grant’s growth practice

    • [42:15] - What has to give to make time to learn new things

    • [43:32] - The things that contribute to professional growth

    • [45:28] - How Junto has shaped views towards mentorship

    • [46:40] - Closing appreciations

  • [47:43] - Raman’s closing reflections

The Junto Institute runs a structured, designed Apprenticeship Program that is built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together. Originating in 2012 in Chicago, IL, over 30 companies have graduated from Junto’s Apprenticeship program.

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