Leaders Are Always Under Construction, with Kristi Zuhlke & Kayne Grau

Flourishing Together brings together two special guests in this episode. First up is Kristi Zuhlke, founder and CEO of KnowledgeHound. Kristi was the first woman founder to go through the Junto program and has remained an active alumna. She discusses her first recollection of leadership and how she approaches personal growth and leadership.

Next, Raman speaks with longtime JuntoMentor Kayne Grau, a seasoned executive, investor, and entrepreneur. He’s currently the EVP of Sales at TradeRev. Kayne and Raman discuss the growing appreciation for emotional intelligence as well as humbling leadership moments.

Lastly, Raman reflects on the concept that leaders, and humans in general, are always under construction and therefore must continue building capabilities and competencies.

  • [01:40] - Welcoming Junto alumna Kristi Zuhlke to Flourishing Together with the Emotion Wheel

    • [02:50] - First recollection of leadership

    • [05:07] - Reflections and beliefs around dreaming big

    • [07:06] - Kristi’s dreams for today

    • [07:56] - What it’s like having investors and a board

    • [12:25] - Humbling experiences as a leader

    • [13:48] - Sharing experiences that might help other women leaders

    • [15:17] - What men need to know to better lead and be led by women

    • [17:37] - Kristi’s personal growth practice

    • [18:40] - Bringing faith into work without it becoming religious

    • [19:49] - Closing appreciations 

  • [21:09] - Welcoming Kayne Grau to the podcast

    • [22:00] - Emotion Wheel

    • [23:04} - First recollection of leadership

    • [26:27] - Bringing emotional intelligence into leadership

    • [28:37] - What spurred Kayne’s growing appreciation for emotional intelligence

    • [31:22] - Humbling experiences as a leader

    • [35:18] - Lessons learned from mentoring

    • [38:17] - Kayne’s personal growth practice

    • [39:08] - Current books on the nightstand

    • [39:55] - Closing  appreciations 

  • [41:34] - Raman’s closing reflection

The Junto Institute runs a structured, designed Apprenticeship Program that is built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together. Originating in 2012 in Chicago, IL, over 30 companies have graduated from Junto’s Apprenticeship program.

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