The Value of Achieving Clarity in Your Life, with Cathy Carroll & Dave Dyson

This week on Flourishing Together we’re going back to the beginning to talk with two of the original members of The Junto Institute family. 

First is Dave Dyson is the CEO of Eclipse Telecom and alumni of one of the earliest Junto cohorts. Dave takes Raman through his growth journey, both professionally as well as personally. Then they discuss what it’s like to go through a separation with a business partner and how to embrace leadership as a lone wolf. Finally, find out how Dave shows clarity to others on his team so they trust and follow his vision.

Next, Raman talks with Cathy Carroll. Cathy is the President of Legacy Onward and one of the first mentors at Junto. Her and Raman discuss her career transition from traditional corporate executive to coaching family businesses. Next, they cover how Cathy has grown over the past several years and how she spots and appreciates the ways family businesses differ from other types of business. Lastly, Cathy explains the role of clarity in her coaching and how she gives advice as a coach.

Finally, Raman reflects on his conversations and how important the common theme of clarity can be in defining a life's mission, vision and values. 

  • [00:33] - Conversation with Junto alumnus Dave Dyson, CEO of Eclipse Telecom

    • [01:47] - The Emotion Wheel

    • [03:36] - First recollection of leadership -- it was a happy accident

    • [06:08] - External/Internal personas as a quilt that makes you up as a person

    • [09:37] - Splitting with a business partner and maintaining the friendship

    • [14:22] - Embracing leadership when you’re a ‘lone wolf’

    • [20:39] - How finding self-compassion can drive personal and professional growth

    • [23:42] - Learning patience and how not to shut down other people’s emotions

    • [25:41] - Conveying clarity to your team to build trust in your vision

    • [27:40] - Closing appreciations

  • [29:35] - Conversation with Junto mentor Cathy Carroll, President of Legacy Onward

    • [30:28] - First recollection of leadership

    • [34:23] - Harmonizing business and self in the context of Cathy’s career journey  from a traditional corporate career to running a family business to running a coaching organization

    • [41:31] - Getting into coaching, building her practice and her devotion to growth and development

    • [45:36] - The less obvious and underappreciated ways that a family business differs from other businesses

    • [48:15] - Giving advice as a coach: creating awareness, recognizing emotions and avoiding ‘shoulds’

    • [52:16] - Closing appreciations

  • [54:22] - Raman’s closing reflection

The Junto Institute runs a structured, designed Apprenticeship Program that is built on deep mentorship, emotional intelligence training, and teams learning together. Originating in 2012 in Chicago, IL, over 30 companies have graduated from Junto’s Apprenticeship program.

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