Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared thoughts on how we can put our self-awareness and self-management to use during these times. Now we move up one important level to social awareness, where empathy resides.

Based on my recent experience and conversations, more people are paying attention to this yet many are struggling. That’s because social awareness is difficult to employ when we’re having experiences that negatively affect self-management, as many of us are today.

So when we find ourselves “in a good place,” here are some social awareness tactics we can employ so that our interactions with others are stronger:

    1. While on video chat, using full screen, hiding our self view, and carefully watching each person’s non-verbals.

    2. Listening generously – with our ears, eyes, and body – and ask clarifying questions.

    3. Engaging our cognitive empathy by telling others, “I understand.”

    4. Communicating our emotional empathy by telling others, “I feel the same.”

    5. Showing our compassionate empathy by doing what others want or need from us.